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Vink, J.M. (author), Boomsma, D.I. (author), Medland, S.E. (author), de Moor, H.M. (author), Stubbe, J.H. (author), Corner, B.K. (author), Martin, N.G. (author), Skytthea, A. (author), Kyvik, K.O. (author), Rose, R.J. (author), Kujala, U.M. (author), Kaprio, J. (author), Harris, J.R. (author), Pedersen, N.L. (author), Cherkas, L. (author), Spector, T.D. (author), Geus, E.J. (author)
Physical activity is influenced by genetic factors whose expression may change with age. We employed an extension to the classical twin model that allows a modifier variable, age, to interact with the effects of the latent genetic and environmental factors. The model was applied to self-reported data from twins aged 19 to 50 from seven countries...
article 2011