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Roeselers, G. (author), Coolen, J. (author), van der Wielen, P.W. (author), Jaspers, M.C. (author), Atsma, A. (author), de Graaf, B. (author), Schuren, F. (author)
In this study, we collected water from different locations in 32 drinking water distribution networks in the Netherlands and analysed the spatial and temporal variation in microbial community composition by high-throughput sequencing of 16S rRNA gene amplicons. We observed that microbial community compositions of raw source and processed water...
article 2015
Nooter, K. (author), Overdevest, J. (author), Dubbes, R. (author), Koch, G. (author), Bentvelzen, P.A.J. (author), Zurcher, C. (author), Coolen, J. (author), Calafat, J. (author), Instituut voor experimentele gerontologie TNO (author)
Rabbit corneal cells transformed by a putative human type-C helper virus pseudotype of the mouse sarcoma virus produce large amounts of transforming and non-transforming viruses. The virions are antigenically related to the woolly monkey (simian) sarcoma-leukemia type-C oncovirus. Typical sarcoma virus lesions developed in newborn rats injected...
article 1978