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Colin, T.R. (author), Smets, N.J. (author), Mioch, T. (author), Neerincx, M.A. (author)
Urban Search And Rescue (USAR) robots are used to find and save victims in the wake of disasters such as earthquakes or terrorist attacks. The operators of these robots are affected by high cognitive load; this hinders effective robot usage. This paper presents a cognitive task load model for real-time monitoring and, subsequently, balancing of...
conference paper 2014
Colin, T.R. (author), Mioch, T. (author), Smets, N.J.J.M. (author), Neerincx, M.A. (author)
This paper presents a Cognitive Task Load (CTL) model designed to keep track of an operator’s mental workload, both quantitatively (amount of workload) and qualitatively (cognitive state). By integrating this model in a (semi-)autonomous robot, robot’s level of automation and user interface can be attuned to the operator’s state (Every second,...
conference paper 2012