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Yeung, C.P.K. (author), Habets, R. (author), Leufkens, L. (author), Colberts, F. (author), Stout, K. (author), Verheijen, M. (author), Vroon, Z. (author), Mann, D. (author), Buskens, P. (author)
Vanadium dioxide displays thermochromic properties based on its structural phase transition from monoclinic VO2 (M) to rutile VO2 (R) and vice versa, and the accompanying reversible metal-insulator transition. We developed a single layer coating comprising VO2 (M) and SiO2. We applied the coating from an alcoholic solution comprising vanadium(IV...
article 2021
Theelen, M. (author), Boumans, T. (author), Stegeman, F. (author), Colberts, F. (author), Illiberi, A. (author), van Berkum, J. (author), Barreau, N. (author), Vroon, Z. (author), Zeman, M. (author)
Sputtered aluminum doped zinc oxide (ZnO:Al) layers on borosilicate glass were exposed to damp heat (85 C/85% relative humidity) for 2876 h to accelerate the physical and chemical degradation behavior. The ZnO:Al samples were characterized by electrical, compositional and optical measurements before and after degradation. Hall measurements show...
article 2014