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Clockaerts, S. (author), Bastiaansen-Jenniskens, Y.M. (author), Feijt, C. (author), Clerck, (author), Verhaar, J.A.N. (author), Zuurmond, A.M. (author), Stojanovic-Susulic, V. (author), Somville, J. (author), Kloppenburg, M. (author), van Osch, G.J.V.M. (author)
Background: Infrapatellar fat pad (IPFP) might be involved in osteoarthritis (OA) by production of cytokines. It was hypothesised that production of cytokines is sensitive to environmental conditions. Objectives: To evaluate cytokine production by IPFP in response to interleukin (IL)1β and investigate the ability to modulate this response with...
article 2012