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Huis in 't Veld, A.J. (author), Slot, H.M. (author), Carvalho, N.J.M. (author), de Hosson, J.Th.M. (author)
Chemicals / CAS carbon, 7440-44-0; steel, 12597-69-2
article 2000
Carvalho, N.J.M. (author), Huis in 't Veld, A.J. (author), de Hosson, J.T. (author), TNO Industrie (author)
Titanium-nitrogen (TiN) films were Physical Vapour Deposited (PVD) on tool steel substrates with different hardness and surface roughness, in a Bai 640R unit using a triode ion plating (e-gun) with a high plasma density. The coated substrates were submitted to a rolling contact fatigue test technique (modified pin-on-ring test) to obtain some...
article 1998