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Corley-Wiciak, C. (author), Richter, C. (author), Zoellner, M.H. (author), Zaitsev, I. (author), Manganelli, C.L. (author), Zatterin, E. (author), Schülli, T.U. (author), Corley-Wiciak, A.A. (author), Katzer, J. (author), Reichmann, F. (author), Klesse, W.M. (author), Hendrickx, N.W. (author), Sammak, A. (author), Veldhorst, M. (author), Scappucci, G. (author), Virgilio, M. (author), Capellini, G. (author)
A strained Ge quantum well, grown on a SiGe/Si virtual substrate and hosting two electrostatically defined hole spin qubits, is nondestructively investigated by synchrotron-based scanning X-ray diffraction microscopy to determine all its Bravais lattice parameters. This allows rendering the three-dimensional spatial dependence of the six strain...
article 2023
Sammak, A. (author), Sabbagh, D. (author), Hendrickx, N.W. (author), Lodari, M. (author), Paquelet Wuetz, B. (author), Tosato, A. (author), Yeoh, L. (author), Bollani, M. (author), Virgilio, M. (author), Schubert, M.A. (author), Zaumseil, P. (author), Capellini, G. (author), Veldhorst, M. (author), Scappucci, G. (author)
Buried-channel semiconductor heterostructures are an archetype material platform for the fabrication of gated semiconductor quantum devices. Sharp confinement potential is obtained by positioning the channel near the surface; however, nearby surface states degrade the electrical properties of the starting material. Here, a 2D hole gas of high...
article 2019
Hendrickx, N.W. (author), Franke, D.P. (author), Sammak, A. (author), Kouwenhoven, M. (author), Sabbagh, D. (author), Yeoh, L. (author), Li, R. (author), Tagliaferri, M.L.V. (author), Virgilio, M. (author), Capellini, G. (author), Scappucci, G. (author), Veldhorst, M. (author)
Superconductors and semiconductors are crucial platforms in the field of quantum computing. They can be combined to hybrids, bringing together physical properties that enable the discovery of new emergent phenomena and provide novel strategies for quantum control. The involved semiconductor materials, however, suffer from disorder, hyperfine...
article 2018