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Zeitlin, J. (author), Mohangoo, A.D. (author), Delnorn, M. (author), Alexander, S. (author), Blondel, B. (author), Bouvier-Colle, M.H. (author), Dattani, N. (author), Gissler, M. (author), Macfarlane, A. (author), van der Pal, K. (author), Szamotulska, k. (author), Zhang, W.H. (author), Lack, N. (author), Blondel, B. (author), Sakkeus, L. (author), Cans, C. (author), Bouvier-Colle, M.H. (author), Macfarlane, A. (author), Curran, R. (author), Loane, M. (author), Greenless, R. (author), Dolk, H. (author)
book 2013
Lack, N. (author), Blondel, B. (author), Mohangoo, A.D. (author), Sakkeus, L. (author), Cans, C. (author), Bouvier-Colle, M.H. (author), Macfarlane, A. (author), Zeitlin, J. (author)
Background: Tabulating annual national health indicators sorted by outcome may be misleading for two reasons. The implied rank order is largely a result of heterogeneous population sizes. Distinctions between geographically adjacent regions are not visible. Methods: Regional data are plotted in a geographical map shaded in terms of percentiles...
article 2013
Zeitlin, J. (author), Mohangoo, A. (author), Cuttini, M. (author), Alexander, S. (author), Barros, H. (author), Blondel, B. (author), Bouvier-Colle, M.H. (author), Buitendijk, S. (author), Cans, C. (author), Correia, S. (author), Gissler, M. (author), Macfarlane, A. (author), Mohangoo, A. (author), Novak-Antolic, Ž. (author), Zeitlin, J. (author), Zhang, W.H. (author), Zimbeck, M. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
article 2009