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Synnes, S.A.V. (author), Hunter, A.J. (author), Hansen, R.E. (author), Sabo, T.O. (author), Callow, H.J. (author), van Vossen, R. (author), Austeng, A. (author)
Wideband and widebeam synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) can provide information on the frequency- and aspect dependent scattering in a scene. We suggest an approach to predict the quality of the sensor data over the available frequencies and aspect angles. We relate the typical spatial domain quality metrics to their wave number domain (WD)...
article 2017
Groen, J. (author), Hansen, R.E. (author), Callow, H.J. (author), Sabel, J.C. (author), Sæbø, T.O. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
Abstract—A shadow cast by an object on the seafloor is important information for target recognition in synthetic aperture sonar (SAS) images. Synthetic aperture imaging causes a fundamental limitation to shadow clarity because the illuminator is moved during the data collection. This leads to a blend of echo and shadow, or geometrical fill-in in...
article 2009
Hansen, R.E. (author), Callow, H.J. (author), Saebo, T.O. (author), Groen, J. (author), Quesson, B.A.J. (author), Sabel, J.C. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
An acoustic simulator is vital for the development of sonar data processing. The most important features in the TNO 3D simulator SIMONA are detailed target response including shadow, reverberation modelling, sonar properties and multipath. The verification and development of SIMONA was realized alongside with a wide range of measurements in a...
conference paper 2005