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van der Kleij, R. (author), Schraagen, J.M. (author), Cadet, B. (author), Young, H. (author)
Cybersecurity threat and incident managers in large organizations, especially in the financial sector, are confronted more and more with an increase in volume and complexity of threats and incidents. At the same time, these managers have to deal with many internal processes and criteria, in addition to requirements from external parties, such as...
article 2022
Hoyle, A. (author), Powell, T. (author), Cadet, B. (author), van de Kuijt, J. (author)
The web of lies surrounding COVID-19 has been purposefully exacerbated by hostile actors, with researchers, analysts, and policymakers alike attempting to keep pace with unfolding disinformation narratives and subsequent effects on citizens. While the content of hostile disinformation narratives is relatively well-researched, how these...
bookPart 2022