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Buyze, H.G. (author), Engel, C. (author)
[No abstract available] Chemicals / CAS folic acid, 59-30-3, 6484-89-5; vitamin B group, 12001-76-2; Folic Acid, 59-30-3; Vitamin B Complex, 12001-76-2.
article 1949
Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO (author), Buyze, H.G. (author), Engel, C. (author)
1. A conjugase activity (liberation of free folic acid from the conjugate) is not found in normal gastric juice at pH2 and 7. This confirms the results of Welch et al. They also found no free folic acid but they did not investigate whether the conjugate was changed by the enzymes. 2. In our experiments it is clearly shown that the vitamin B_c...
article 1948