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Engbers, C. (author), Dubbeldam, R. (author), Buurke, J.H. (author), Kamphuis, N. (author), de Hair-Buijssen, S.H.H.M. (author), Westerhuis, F. (author), de Waard, D. (author), Rietman, J.S. (author)
The older cyclist is more prone to get cycling accidents than younger cyclists. To support the older cyclist, a rear- and front-view assistant were developed that warns the cyclist of approaching traffic. User tests to evaluate system performance, user-experience and effects on behaviour were performed with 20 older cyclists (>64 years) on a...
article 2018
Engbers, C. (author), Dubbeldam, R. (author), Buurke, J.H. (author), Schaake, L. (author), de Goede, M. (author), Rietman, J.S. (author), de Waard, D. (author)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects on behaviour, mental effort and acceptance of a simple prototype of an electronic rear-view assistance system designed for older cyclists that are at risk of falls. The prototype was incorporated into a simple cycling simulator and provided information about traffic from behind in two modalities:...
article 2016
Engbers, C. (author), Dubbeldam, R. (author), de Hair-Buijssen, S.H.H.M. (author), de Goede, M. (author), Zeegers, T.H. (author), Buurke, J.H. (author)
Cycling supports the independence and health of the aging population. However, elderly cyclists have an increased injury risk due to a fall with their bicycle. A large proportion of the number of injured cyclists is victim of a single-sided accident [1].The aim of this project is to come up with recommendations for a feed-forward system which is...
conference paper 2013