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Brederode, L. (author), Pots, M. (author), Fransen, R.W. (author), Brethouwer, J.T. (author)
Ever more observed data on destination and mode choices made by travelers is becoming available from e.g. GSM and ANPR data. For strategic transport demand modelling, this means that instead of estimating synthetic models and calibrating them on the limited set of available observations for a single study period definition, different data...
conference paper 2019
Brederode, L. (author), Pel, A. (author), Wismans, L. (author), de Romph, E. (author), Hoogendoorn, S. (author)
This paper describes the road traffic assignment model Static Traffic Assignment with Queuing (STAQ) that was developed for situations where both static (STA) and dynamic (DTA) traffic assignment models are insufficient: strategic applications on large-scale congested networks. The paper demonstrates how the model overcomes shortcomings in STA...
article 2018