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Barbini, L. (author), Bratosin, C. (author), Nägele, T. (author)
There is a constant increase of the market expectations on the capabilities of industrial high-tech systems. To meet these expectations, designers of such systems have to explore complex solutions that ensure both functionality and maximum up-time. We describe a methodology that supports the designers in this task. Specifically, we introduce a...
conference paper 2021
Velikova, M. (author), Ypma, A. (author), Bratosin, C. (author), Lemmen, V. (author), van Wijk, R.J. (author)
Controlling the operations and resolving product performance issues in today’s high-tech production systems, such as semiconductor fabs, becomes a cumbersome task, even for experienced field engineers. To address the pressing need for assisted diagnostics approaches, in this paper we propose a model-based step-wise methodology, based on domain...
conference paper 2019