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Dijkstra-Soudarissanane, S.S. (author), Klunder, T.E. (author), Brandt, A. (author), Niamut, O.A. (author)
Due to the current pandemic, the elderly in care homes are greatly affected by the lack of contact with their families, resulting in various mental conditions (e.g., depression, feelings of loneliness) and deterioration of mental health for dementia patients. In response, residents and family members increasingly resorted to mediated...
conference paper 2021
Boehrer, N. (author), Gabriel, A. (author), Brandt, A. (author), Uijens, W.R. (author), Kampmeijer, L. (author), van der Stap, N. (author), Schutte, K. (author)
With the latest advances in image sensor technology, cameras are able to generate video with tens of megapixels per frame. These high resolution videos streams offer great potential to be used in the surveillance domain. For ground based systems, gigapixel streams are already used with great effect as illustrated by the ICME 2019 crowd counting...
conference paper 2020