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Nijenhuis, J.R. (author), Heijmans, J.A.C. (author), de Breeje, R. (author), Hazelebach, R.L.M. (author), de Vreugd, J. (author), Crowcombe, W.E. (author), Naron, D.J. (author), Fritz, E.C. (author), Borghi, G. (author), Navarro, R. (author), Sillari, L. (author), Sambenedetto, E. (author), Eder, J. (author), Kamphues, F.G. (author)
Described is the M1 segment support, as designed by TNO in the period 2015- 2016. The design has significantly changed and improved compared to the earlier designs. During the period 2009-2010 prototypes for the primary mirror support of the E-ELT have been developed. These have been extensively tested by ESO. Design improvement were found to be...
conference paper 2016