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Hofmann, H. (author), Zimmermann, G. (author), Farkas, M. (author), Huenges, E. (author), Zang, A. (author), Leonhardt, M. (author), Kwiatek, G. (author), Martinez-Garzon, P. (author), Bohnhoff, M. (author), Min, K.B. (author), Fokker, P. (author), Westaway, R. (author), Bethmann, F. (author), Meier, P. (author), Yoon, K.S. (author), Choi, J.W. (author), Lee, T.J. (author), Kim, K.Y. (author)
Large-magnitude fluid-injection induced seismic events are a potential risk for geothermal energy developments worldwide. One potential risk mitigation measure is the application of cyclic injection schemes. After validation at small (laboratory) and meso (mine) scale, the concept has now been applied for the first time at field scale at the...
article 2019
Bohnhoff, M. (author), Malin, P. (author), Heege, J.T. (author), Deflandre, J.P. (author), Sicking, C. (author)
General awareness of induced seismicity and gas leakage related to energy reservoir exploitation has been on the rise for several years (McGarr, 2002; Davies et al., 2013). This includes events from short-term Huid injection for reservoir simulation (Giardini, 2009; Atkinson, 2016), Long term hydrocarbon extraction (Van Thienen-Visser and...
article 2018