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Alligier, M. (author), Barrès, R. (author), Blaak, E.E. (author), Boirie, Y. (author), Bouwman, J. (author), Brunault, P. (author), Campbell, K. (author), Clément, K. (author), Farooqi, I.S. (author), Farpour-Lambert, N.J. (author), Frühbeck, G. (author), Goossens, G.H. (author), Hager, J. (author), Halford, J.C.G. (author), Hauner, H. (author), Jacobi, D. (author), Julia, C. (author), Langin, D. (author), Natali, A. (author), Neovius, M. (author), Oppert, J.M. (author), Pagotto, U. (author), Palmeira, A.L. (author), Roche, H. (author), Rydén, M. (author), Scheen, A.J. (author), Simon, C. (author), Sorensen, T.I.A. (author), Tappy, L. (author), Yki-Järvinen, H. (author), Ziegler, O. (author), Laville, M. (author)
Heterogeneity of interindividual and intraindividual responses to interventions is often observed in randomized, controlled trials for obesity. To address the global epidemic of obesity and move toward more personalized treatment regimens, the global research community must come together to identify factors that may drive these heterogeneous...
article 2020
Minihane, A.M. (author), Vinoy, S. (author), Russell, W.R. (author), Baka, A. (author), Roche, H.M. (author), Tuohy, K.M. (author), Teeling, J.L. (author), Blaak, E.E. (author), Fenech, M. (author), Vauzour, D. (author), McArdle, H.J. (author), Kremer, B.H.A. (author), Sterkman, L. (author), Vafeiadou, K. (author), Benedetti, M.M. (author), Williams, C.M. (author), Calder, P.C. (author)
The importance of chronic low-grade inflammation in the pathology of numerous age-related chronic conditions is now clear. An unresolved inflammatory response is likely to be involved from the early stages of disease development. The present position paper is the most recent in a series produced by the International Life Sciences Institute's...
article 2015