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Kuiper, H. (author), Boonekamp, R.C. (author), Bijlsma, T. (author), Jansen, S.T.H. (author), Obdeijn, C. (author), Stuiver, A. (author), Spronkmans, S. (author), Bijnen, D. (author), Versteegh, T. (author)
This report describes Phase 1 of an EL&I co-financing project in which research is carried out for influencing behavior of car-drivers in order to achieve reduction of CO2 emissions. It is investigated how the use of Serious Games and Social Media can influence the driver behaviour. The research fits well with the government program "Schoon en...
report 2013
Bijnen, D. (author)
Binnen, het eind vorig jaar afgelopen, Evident-project hebben onder meer TNO en Tomtom gewerkt aan een intelligent navigatiesysteem voor elektrische voertuigen. Onderdeel hiervan was de ontwikkeling van een algoritme om accuraat te schatten wanneer de accu leeg is. Het resultaat blijkt beter dan de huidige standaard.
article 2012
van den Elshout, B.P. (author), Bijnen, D. (author), van Eeuwijk, L.J.M. (author)
For a large variety of applications, it is crucial to be able to predict the electric range of a vehicle in a robust and reliable way. Current applications show a lack of accuracy and robustness. The designed algorithm is capable of accurately predicting the range in a robust way, incorporating the effects of drive style, type of route, type of...
conference paper 2012