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Bergstra, A.D. (author), Trijssenaar-Buhre, I.J.M. (author), de Bekker-Grob, E.W. (author), Burdorf, A. (author)
The release of hazardous materials due to transport accidents can have major health consequences for bystanders. The number of casualties will partly be determined by their protective behaviour. This study describes a three-step approach to predict health consequences of protective behaviour (for example, hiding or escaping) of bystanders in the...
article 2022
de Bekker-Grob, E.W. (author), Bergstra, A.D. (author), Bliemer, M.C.J. (author), Trijssenaar-Buhre, I.J.M. (author), Burdorf, A. (author)
Background To improve the information for and preparation of citizens at risk to hazardous material transport accidents, a first important step is to determine how different characteristics of hazardous material transport accidents will influence citizens' protective behaviour. However, quantitative studies investigating citizens' protective...
article 2015