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Heeres, A. (author), van Doren, H.A. (author), Gotlieb, K.F. (author), Bleeker, I.P. (author), Bergsma, J. (author), Kellogg, R.M. (author), Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO (author)
Granular 2-nitropropyl potato starch was synthesized by reaction with 2-nitropropyl acetate in an aqueous suspension. Nitroalkylation occurs preferentially with the amylose fraction of potato starch, as was confirmed by leaching experiments and digestion of the modified starch with α-amylase. The 2-nitropropyl substituent is a mixture of the...
article 2001
van der Maarel, M.J.E.C. (author), Euverink, G.J.W. (author), Binnema, D.J. (author), Bos, H.Th.P. (author), Bergsma, J. (author)
article 2000