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Benda, R. (author), Gijsen, H.P. (author), van der Voorde, I. (author)
public lecture 2022
van Bemmel, I.E. (author), van Hekken, M. (author), Paulissen, R. (author), Eikelboom, A. (author), van de Kuijt, J. (author), Benda, R. (author), Ziekenoppasser, L. (author)
NetForce Command provides an alternative for the hierarchical approach of command and control and is developed specifically for complex, dynamic and networked environments, in which a high operational tempo, agility and harmonisation of the efforts of multiple military and civilian actors are essential. NetForce Command is a networked approach...
book 2019
Eikelboom, A.R. (author), van de Kuijt, J.T. (author), Benda, R. (author), Pieneman, R.B.J. (author), van Bemmel, I.E. (author)
The aim of this study is to provide further insight into the concept of self-synchronization and to explore the possible implications of adopting this alternative approach to traditional hierarchical C2. The central question is: How to continue the function of command and control1 without hierarchical commanding of entities? First, the C2...
conference paper 2018