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Chirkin, A.M. (author), Belloum, A.S.Z. (author), Kovalchuk, S.V. (author), Makkes, M.X. (author)
Estimation of the execution time is an important part of the workflow scheduling problem. The aim of this paper is to highlight common problems in estimating the workflow execution time and propose a solution that takes into account the complexity and the randomness of the workflow components and their runtime. The solution proposed in this...
conference paper 2014
Cushing, R. (author), Koulouzis, S. (author), Strijkers, R.J. (author), Belloum, A.S.Z. (author), Bubak, M. (author)
Reproducibility of Science is considered as one of the main principles of the scientific method, and refers to the ability of an experiment to be accurately reproduced, by third person, in complex experiment every detail matters to ensure the correct reproducibility. In the context of the ICCS 2011, Elsevier organized the executable paper grand...
bookPart 2012
Strijkers, R.J. (author), Cushing, R. (author), Vasyunin, D. (author), de Laat, C. (author), Belloum, A.S.Z. (author), Meijer, R.J. (author)
Reproducibility of experiments is considered as one of the main principles of the scientific method. Recent developments in data and computation intensive science, i.e. e-Science, and state of the art in Cloud computing provide the necessary components to preserve data sets and re-run code and software that create research data. The Executable...
article 2011