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Bellmann, S. (author), Krishnan, S. (author), de Graaf, A. (author), de Ligt, R.A. (author), Pasman, W.J. (author), Minekus, M. (author), Havenaar, R. (author)
The expected increase of global obesity prevalence makes it necessary to have information about the effects of meal intakes on the feeling of appetite. Because human clinical studies are time and cost intensive, there is a need for a reliable alternative. The aim of this study was to develop and evaluate an in vitro-in silico technology to...
article 2019
Pasman, W.J. (author), Hendriks, H.F.J. (author), Minekus, M.M. (author), de Ligt, R.A.F. (author), Scholtes-Timmerman, M.J. (author), Clabbers, N.D.S. (author), Leonards, N.M. (author), Johnson, J. (author), Bellmann, S. (author)
Background: Appetite regulating properties of foods are usually investigated under laboratory conditions, whereas in real life, foods are consumed under at home conditions. The objective of this study was to compare the acute effects of breakfasts when tested in a laboratory condition and in an at home condition. Appetite regulating properties...
article 2018
Bothe, M.K. (author), Maathuis, A.J.H. (author), Bellmann, S. (author), van der Vossen, J.M.B.M. (author), Berressem, D. (author), Koehler, A. (author), Schwejda-Guettes, S. (author), Gaigg, B. (author), Kuchinka-Koch, A. (author), Stover, J.F. (author)
Lactulose, a disaccharide of galactose and fructose, used as a laxative or ammonia-lowering drug and as a functional food ingredient, enhances growth of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus at clinically relevant dosages. The prebiotic effect of subclinical dosages of Lactulose, however, remains to be elucidated. This study analyses changes in the...
article 2017