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Uguru, J.O. (author), Beerends, J. (author)
This paper examines if the voicing of a consonant, in Ika, has any influence on the acoustic features of a preceding vowel. Ika (ISO 639-3 ikk) has nine vowels and this work centres on them. Nine pairs of words beginning with Ika vowels (the vowels preceding either voiced or voiceless consonants) were produced and analysed using the praat speech...
article 2020
Gallardo, L.F. (author), Möller, S. (author), Beerends, J. (author)
The performance of automatic speech recognition based on coded-decoded speech heavily depends on the quality of the transmitted signals, determined by channel impairments. This paper examines relationships between speech recognition performance and measurements of speech quality and intelligibility over transmission channels. Different to...
conference paper 2017