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Dhondt, S. (author), Dekker, R. (author), van Bree, T. (author), Hulsegge, G. (author), Oeij, P. (author), Barnes, S. (author), Götting, A. (author), Kangas, O. (author), Karonen, E. (author), Pomares, E. (author), Unceta, A. (author), Kirov, V. (author), Kohlgrüber, M. (author), Wright, S. (author), Yordanova, G. (author), Schrijvers, M. (author)
This BEYOND4.0 D4.1 report covers three research activities: firstly, it describes fourteen cases of entrepreneurial ecosystems in eight regions in six EU countries, based upon desk research into quantitative indicators, interviews and workshops with actors from the respective ecosystems. In the description, we provide information about the...
report 2022
TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author), Kaput, J. (author), Ordovas, J.M. (author), Ferguson, L. (author), van Ommen, B. (author), Rodriguez, R.L. (author), Allen, L. (author), Ames, B.N. (author), Dawson, K. (author), German, B. (author), Krauss, R. (author), Malyj, W. (author), Archer, M.C. (author), Barnes, S. (author), Bortholomew, A. (author), Birk, R. (author), van Bladeren, P. (author), Bradford, K.J. (author), Brown, K.H. (author), Caetano, R. (author), Castle, D. (author), Chadwick, R. (author), Clarke, S. (author), Clemént, K. (author), Cooney, C.A. (author), Corella, D. (author), da Cruz, I.B.M. (author), Daniel, H. (author), Duster, T. (author), Ebbesson, S.O.E. (author), Elliott, R. (author), Fairweather-Tait, S. (author), Felton, J. (author), Fenech, M. (author), Finley, J.W. (author), Fogg-Johnson, N. (author), Gill-Garrison, R. (author), Gibney, M.J. (author), Gillies, P.J. (author), Gustafsson, J.A. (author), Hartman IV, J.L. (author), He, L. (author), Hwang, J.K. (author), Jais, J.P. (author), Jang, Y. (author), Joost, H. (author), Junien, C. (author), Kanter, M. (author), Kibbe, W.A. (author), Koletzko, B. (author), Korf, B.R. (author), Kornman, K. (author), Krempin, D.W. (author), Langin, D. (author), Lauren, D.R. (author), Lee, J.H. (author), Leveille, G.A. (author), Lin, S.J. (author), Mathers, J. (author), Mayne, M. (author), McNabb, W. (author), Milner, J.A. (author), Morgan, P. (author), Muller, M. (author), Nikolsky, Y. (author), van der Ouderaa, F. (author), Park, T. (author), Pensel, N. (author), Perez-Jimenez, F. (author), Poutanen, K. (author), Roberts, M. (author), Saris, W.H.M. (author), Schuster, G. (author), Shelling, A.N. (author), Simopoulos, A.P. (author), Southon, S. (author), Shyong Tai, E. (author), Towne, B. (author), Trayhurn, P. (author), Uauy, R. (author), Visek, W.J. (author), Warden, C. (author), Weiss, R. (author), Wiencke, J. (author), Winkler, J. (author), Wolff, G.L. (author), Zhao-Wilson, X. (author), Zucker, J.D. (author)
Nutrigenomics is the study of how constituents of the diet interact with genes, and their products, to alter phenotype and, conversely, how genes and their products metabolise these constituents into nutrients, antinutrients, and bioactive compounds. Results from molecular and genetic epidemiological studies indicate that dietary unbalance can...
article 2005