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Moes, T.H. (author), Wijbenga, J.P. (author), Balsters, H. (author), Huitema, G.B. (author)
This paper describes a method used in a real-life case of a legacy database migration. The difficulty of the case lies in the fact that the legacy application to be replaced has to remain fully available during the migration process while at the same time data from the old system is to be integrated within the new system. The target database...
conference paper 2012
Balsters, H. (author), Klaver, C. (author), Huitema, G.B. (author), TNO Informatie- en Communicatietechnologie (author)
Geographic information (geo-data; i.e., data with a spatial component.) is being used for civil, political, and commercial applications. Modeling geo-data can be involved due to its often very complex structure, hence placing high demands on the modeling language employed. Many geo-applications would greatly benefit from the possibility of...
conference paper 2010