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Castan, L. (author), Bogh, K.L. (author), Maryniak, N.Z. (author), Epstein, M.M. (author), Sahar Kazemi, S. (author), O'Mahony, L. (author), Bodinier, M. (author), Smit, J.J. (author), van Bilsen, J.H.M. (author), Blanchard, C. (author), Glogowski, R. (author), Kozáková, H. (author), Schwarzer, M. (author), Noti, M. (author), de Wit, N. (author), Bouchaud, G. (author), Bastiaan-Net, S. (author)
Significant efforts are necessary to introduce new dietary protein sources to feed a growing world population while maintaining food supply chain sustainability. Such a sustainable protein transition includes the use of highly modified proteins from side streams or the introduction of new protein sources that may lead to increased clinically...
article 2020
Verhoeckx, K. (author), Bogh, K.L. (author), Dupont, D. (author), Egger, L. (author), Gadermaier, G. (author), Larre, C. (author), Mackie, A. (author), Menard, O. (author), Adel-Patient, K. (author), Picariello, G. (author), Portmann, R. (author), Smit, J. (author), Turner, P. (author), Untersmayr, E. (author), Epstein, M.M. (author)
The current allergenicity assessment of novel proteins is based on the EFSA GMO guidance. Recently, EFSA launched a new guidance document on allergenicity assessment of GM plants (2017). This document describes, amongst other topics, the new scientific and regulatory developments on in vitro protein digestibility tests. The EFSA GMO Panel stated...
article 2019
Bøgh, K.L. (author), van Bilsen, J. (author), Głogowski, R. (author), López-Expósito, I. (author), Bouchaud, G. (author), Blanchard, C. (author), Bodinier, M. (author), Smit, J. (author), Pieters, R. (author), Bastiaan-Net, S. (author), de Wit, N. (author), Untersmayr, E. (author), Adel-Patient, K. (author), Knippels, L. (author), Epstein, M.M. (author), Noti, M. (author), Nygaard, U.C. (author), Kimber, I. (author), Verhoeckx, K. (author), O'Mahony, L. (author)
Food allergy is a major health problem of increasing concern. The insufficiency of protein sources for human nutrition in a world with a growing population is also a significant problem. The introduction of new protein sources into the diet, such as newly developed innovative foods or foods produced using new technologies and production...
article 2016