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Hasan, M.M. (author), Avramis, N. (author), Ranta, M. (author), El Baghdadi, M. (author), Hegazy, O. (author)
This study presents the optimization and tuning of a simulation framework to improve its simulation accuracy while evaluating the energy utilization of electric buses under various mission scenarios. The simulation framework was developed using the low fidelity (Lo-Fi) model of the forward-facing electric bus (e-bus) powertrain to achieve the...
article 2023
Kupper, F. (author), Mentink, P. (author), Avramis, N. (author), Meima, N. (author), Lazovik, E. (author), Wilkins, S. (author), Willems, F. (author)
Self-learning energy management is a promising concept, which optimizes real-world system performance by automated, on-line adaptation of control settings. In this work, the potential of self-learning capabilities related to optimization is studied for energy management in Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV). These vehicles are of great...
conference paper 2022
Hasan, M.M. (author), Avramis, N. (author), Ranta, M. (author), Saez-De-ibarra, A. (author), Baghdadi, M.E. (author), Hegazy, O. (author)
The paper presents use case simulations of fleets of electric buses in two cities in Europe, one with a warm Mediterranean climate and the other with a Northern European (cool temperate) climate, to compare the different climatic effects of the thermal management strategy and charging management strategy. Two bus routes are selected in each city...
article 2021