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Lewis, A. (author), Ehrler, V. (author), Auvinen, H. (author), Maurer, H. (author), Davydenko, I. (author), Burmeister, A. (author), Seidel, S. (author), Lischke, A. (author), Kiel, J. (author)
The European Commission has set as a target a reduction of 60% in transport greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 [EC 11]. This includes freight transport emissions, which present a particular challenge due to the forecast increase in goods transport linked to future economic growth, the current trend of lengthening supply chains and the global...
bookPart 2016
Auvinen, H. (author), Clausen, U. (author), Daydenko, I. (author), Diekmann, D. (author), Ehrler, V. (author), Lewis, A. (author)
In order to keep climate change on amanageable level, countries across the globe are expected to control and reduce their total greenhouse gas emissions. A major contributor to these emissions is the growing transport sector, especially professional freight transport. Several initiatives and organisations have come forward with possible methods,...
article 2014