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Guilhem, D. (author), Argouarch, A. (author), Bernard, J.M. (author), Bouquey, F. (author), Colas, L. (author), Delpech, L. (author), Durodié, F. (author), Ekedahl, A. (author), Helvoirt, J. (author), Hillairet, J. (author), Joffrin, E. (author), Litaudon, X. (author), Magne, R. (author), Milanesio, D. (author), Moerel, J. (author), Mollard, P. (author), Wittebol, E. (author), Achard, J. (author), Armitano, A. (author), Berger-By, G. (author), Charabot, N. (author), Goniche, M. (author), Jacquot, J. (author), Lombard, G. (author), Prou, M. (author), Traisnel-Corbel, E. (author), Volpe, R. (author), Vulliez, K. (author)
This year TORE-SUPRA celebrated its 25 years of operation. During this long time a number of technologies have been developed [1]. First of all it was mandatory to develop reliable superconducting magnets at ∼ - 4 K, with superfluid helium as efficient coolant. For the production of steady state discharge, 3 types of Radio Frequency (RF)...
conference paper 2013