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de Jonge, A. (author), Rijnders, M. (author), Agyemang, C. (author), van der Stouwe, R. (author), van den Muijsenbergh, M.E.T.C. (author), Buitendijk, S. (author)
Background: Ethnic minority women in Western countries have poorer pregnancy outcomes compared to majority populations, and undocumented women are particularly vulnerable. We intended to assess whether midwives adjust their care if women are undocumented and have no health insurance. Methods: A retrospective matched cohort study in primary...
article 2011
Agyemang, C. (author), Owusu-Dabo, E. (author), de Jonge, A. (author), Martins, D. (author), Ogedegbe, G. (author), Stronks, K. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Objective: To investigate differences in overweight and obesity between first-generation Dutch-Ghanaian migrants in The Netherlands and their rural and urban counterparts in Ghana. Design: Cross-sectional study. Subjects: A total of 1471 Ghanaians (rural Ghanaians, n 532; urban Ghanaians, n 787; Dutch-Ghanaians, n 152) aged ≥17 years. Main...
article 2009