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Teunis, M.A.T. (author), Spiekstra, S.W. (author), Smits, M. (author), Adriaens, E. (author), Eltze, T. (author), Galbiati, V. (author), Krul, C.A.M. (author), Landsiedel, R. (author), Pieters, R. (author), Reinders, J. (author), Roggen, E. (author), Corsini, E. (author), Gibbs, S. (author)
This study describes the international ring trial of the epidermal-equivalent (EE) sensitizer potency assay. This assay does not distinguish a sensitizer from a non-sensitizer, but may classify known skin sensitizers according to their potency. It assesses the chemical concentration resulting in 50% cytotoxicity (EE-EC50) or the 2-fold increase...
article 2014
Scott, L. (author), Eskes, C. (author), Hoffmann, S. (author), Adriaens, E. (author), Alepée, N. (author), Bufo, M. (author), Clothier, R. (author), Facchini, D. (author), Faller, C. (author), Guest, R. (author), Harbell, J. (author), Hartung, T. (author), Kamp, H. (author), Varlet, B.L. (author), Meloni, M. (author), McNamee, P. (author), Osborne, R. (author), Pape, W. (author), Pfannenbecker, U. (author), Prinsen, M. (author), Seaman, C. (author), Spielmann, H. (author), Stokes, W. (author), Trouba, K. (author), Berghe, C.V.d. (author), Goethem, F.V. (author), Vassallo, M. (author), Vinardell, P. (author), Zuang, V. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
In spite of over 20 years of effort, no single in vitro assay has been developed and validated as a full regulatory replacement for the Draize Eye Irritation test. However, companies have been using in vitro methods to screen new formulations and in some cases as their primary assessment of eye irritation potential for many years. The present...
article 2010
Marx-Stoelting, P. (author), Adriaens, E. (author), Ahr, H.J. (author), Bremer, S. (author), Garthoff, B. (author), Gelbke, H.P. (author), Piersma, A. (author), Pellizzer, C. (author), Reuter, U. (author), Rogiers, V. (author), Schenk, B. (author), Schwengberg, S. (author), Seiler, A. (author), Spielmann, H. (author), Steemans, M. (author), Stedman, D.B. (author), Vanparys, P. (author), Vericat, J.A. (author), Verwei, M. (author), van de Water, F. (author), Weimer, M. (author), Schwarz, M. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
article 2009