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Molkenboer, F.T. (author), Jansen, R. (author), van Werkhoven, W.P. (author), Mulckhuyse, W.F.W. (author), van Schreven, E.L.C. (author), de Roode, B.J.M. (author), Haasnoot, H.J. (author), Abutan, A. (author), van der Valk, N.C.J. (author), Luijkx, T.S. (author)
public lecture 2021
van der Donck, J.C.J. (author), Snel, R. (author), Stortelder, J. (author), Abutan, A. (author), Oostrom, S. (author), van Reek, S. (author), van der Zwan, B. (author), van der Walle, P. (author)
Since 2006 EUV Lithographic tools have been available for testing purposes giving a boost to the development of fab infrastructure for EUV masks. The absence of a pellicle makes the EUV reticles extremely vulnerable to particles. Therefore, the fab infrastructure for masks must meet very strict particle requirements. It is expected that all new...
conference paper 2011