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McKenzie, I. (author), Ibrahim, S. (author), Haddad, E. (author), Abad, S. (author), Hurni, A. (author), Cheng, L.K. (author)
For over two decades the European Space Agency has investigated the possibility of using fiber optic sensors in spacecraft engineering as tools to advance the monitoring and control of spacecraft. The applications have been diverse covering both launcher and satellite applications and encompassing environments from cryogenic to high temperature...
article 2021
Rajmil, L. (author), Abad, S. (author), Sardon, O. (author), Morera, G. (author), PĂ©rez-Yarza, E.G. (author), Moreno, A. (author), Detmar, S. (author), Fekkes, M. (author), Herdman, M. (author), Alonso, J. (author)
Objectives: To evaluate the reliability, and construct validity of the Spanish version of the TNO-AZL preschool children quality of life (TAPQOL). Methods: A consecutive sample of children (3 months to 5 years old) was recruited from primary care centers and two teaching hospitals in Spain. The TAPQOL and a set of questions related to their...
article 2011