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Ghosh, M. (author), Janssen, L. (author), Martens, D.S. (author), Öner, D. (author), Vlaanderen, J. (author), Pronk, A. (author), Kuijpers, E. (author), Vermeulen, R. (author), Nawrot, T.S. (author), Godderis, L. (author), Hoet, P.H. (author)
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) except MWCNT-7 have been classified as Group 3 ["Not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans"] by the IARC. Despite considerable mechanistic evidence in vitro/in vivo, the classification highlights a general lack of data, especially among humans. In our previous study, we reported epigenetic changes in the MWCNT...
article 2020
Ghosh, M (author), Oner, D. (author), Poels, K. (author), Tabish, A.M. (author), Vlaanderen, J. (author), Pronk, A. (author), Kuijpers, E. (author), Lan, Q. (author), Vermeulen, R. (author), Bekaert, B. (author), Hoet, P.H.M. (author), Godderis, L. (author)
This study was designed to assess the epigenetic alterations in blood cells, induced by occupational exposure to multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNT). The study population comprised of MWCNT-exposed workers (n=24) and unexposed controls (n=43) from the same workplace. We measured global DNA methylation/hydroxymethylation levels on the 5th...
article 2017