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Müller, M.M. (author), Eilbrück, D. (author), Grünewald, M. (author), Ziesche, S. (author), Mohren, M. (author), Neuhaus, K.-L. (author), Hombach, V. (author), Nieuwenhuizen, W. (author), Seifried, E. (author), Gaubius Instituut TNO (author)
Reteplase, the novel K2P-deletion mutant of t-PA, was administered in a dose-finding multicenter study (GRECO) to 140 patients (pts) with acute myocardial infarction (AMI). 40 pts (group A) received an 18 mg (10 Megaunits (MU)) i.V. single bolus of Reteplase and 100 subsequent pts (Group B) were treated with a 27 mg (15 MU) i.v. single bolus....
article 1996
Aliman, N.M. (author), Kester, L.J.H.M. (author), Werkhoven, P.J. (author), Ziesche, S. (author)
In recent years, the need to address the multi-faceted issue of AI governance with safety-relevant, ethical and legal implications at an international level is becoming increasingly itical. Simultaneously, the international community is facing a wide array of global challenges for which the United Nations initiated an agenda with 17 ambitious...
article 2020