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Kin, B.D.W. (author), Hopman, M. (author), Quak, H.J. (author)
The transition from diesel-driven urban freight transport towards more electric urban freight transport turns out to be challenging in practice. A major concern for transport operators is how to find a reliable charging strategy for a larger electric vehicle fleet that provides flexibility based on different daily mission profiles within that...
article 2021
Quak, H.J. (author), Nesterova, N.N. (author), van Rooijen, T. (author), Deng, Y. (author)
This paper examines the feasibility of using electric powered vehicles in urban freight transport from a carrier’s perspective, including their attitudes towards electric freight vehicles (EFVs) and all relevant elements affecting this business case, such as: technological features, existing restricting and promoting policies, financial and non...
article 2016
van Rooijen, T. (author), Quak, H.J. (author)
This paper discusses the developments of city logistics in the CIVITAS initiative. CIVITAS is a large European Commission co-funded program to support sustainable urban mobility. Urban freight logistics is one of eight CIVITAS clusters by which cities aim to improve sustainability in their cities. During the last decade the CIVITAS initiative...
article 2014