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Kruisdijk, F. (author), Deenik, J. (author), Yenback, D. (author), Tak, E.C. (author), van Harten, P. (author), Hopman-Rock, M. (author), Hendriksen, I. (author)
Sedentary behaviour and lack of physical activity threatens health. Research concerning these behaviours of inpatients with severe mental illness is limited but urgently needed to reveal prevalence and magnitude. In total, 184 inpatients (men n =108, women n =76, mean age 57,4, 20% first generation antipsychotics, 40% second generation...
article 2017
de Lange, A.H. (author), Taris, T.W. (author), Kompier, M.A.J. (author), Houtman, I.L.D. (author), Bongers, P.M. (author)
This study addressed the methodological quality of longitudinal research examining R. Karasek and T. Theorell's (1990) demand-control-(support) model and reviewed the results of the best of this research. Five criteria for evaluating methodological quality were used: type of design, length of time lags, quality of measures, method of analysis,...
article 2003