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Polder, R.B. (author), Nijland, T.G. (author), de Rooij, M.R. (author), Larsen, C.K. (author), Pedersen, B. (author)
road environment in The Netherlands for nearly a century. The experience is good and structures with long service lives can be obtained, as has been shown by several field studies. This is caused by a high resistance against chloride penetration and a high electrical resistivity, demonstrated both in the field and in the laboratory. Due to the...
conference paper 2014
Valcke, S.L.A. (author), Polder, R.B. (author), Nijland, T.G. (author), Leegwater, G.A. (author), Visser, J.H.M. (author), Bigaj-Van Vliet, A.A.J. (author)
The strength of concrete is linked to the amount of cement used. In many applications, concrete has a considerably higher strength than designed and structurally required. Lowering cement contents, thus reducing strength, significantly reduces the ecological impact of any concrete in terms of raw materials use and CO 2 output. A lower cement...
conference paper 2010