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Faiyas, A.P.A. (author), Erich, S.J.F. (author), van Soestbergen, M. (author), Huinink, H.P. (author), Adan, O.C.G. (author), Nijland, T.G. (author)
This article presents both an experimental as well as a theoretical study on the effect of MethylHy droxyEthylCellulose (MHEC) on drying in porous materials using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (NMR). MHEC, a water soluble polymer, is normally added to glue mortars as a water retention agent in order to improve the drying by increasing...
article 2015
Nijland, T.G. (author), Erich, S.J.F. (author), Adan, O.C.G. (author), Faiyas, A.P.A. (author), Huinink, H.P. (author)
public lecture 2012