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Nijland, T.G. (author), Copuroglu, O. (author), Heinemann, H.A. (author)
Before the general acceptance of Portland cement as the main binder for concrete in the late 19th century, other, locally available binders were occasionally used. In the case of the Netherlands, which did not produce Portland cement, traditional lime-based binders were not uncommon. With a strong tradition of trass production, trass-lime...
article 2012
Heinemann, H.A. (author), Zijlstra, H. (author), van Hees, R.P.J. (author), Nijland, T.G. (author)
The conservation of historic concrete is an increasing task, challenging both concrete repair specialists and conservation specialists. In practice, too often repair strategies are followed where conservation strategies would have been necessary. The application of repair techniques poses two threats towards the historic concrete: using...
conference paper 2012