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Calvert, S.C. (author), Wilmink, I.R. (author), Soekroella, A.M.G. (author), van Arem, B. (author)
Abstract—With increasing numbers of vehicles using low level automation and higher level automation expected in the future, significant effects are expected on traffic flow. Despite much simulation and driving simulator research on SAE level 1 vehicles, there remain many questions in regard to the effects of the systems on traffic flow. The...
conference paper 2016
Klunder, G. (author), Poelman, M. (author), van Arem, B. (author), TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author)
The need for evaluation of ITS systems requires new modelling tools that allow a detailed modelling of both the roadside and the in-vehicle systems. One of the elements needed is a reliable longitudinal driver model. In this paper we outline the requirements of such a model and review the models that are available in the literature. We select...
conference paper 2006