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Snelder, M. (author), Calvert, S. (author)
Adverse weather conditions regularly lead to severe congestion and large travel time delays on road networks all over the world. Different climate scenarios indicate that in the future adverse weather conditions are likely to become more frequent, last longer and will be more extreme. Although climate mitigation measures are being taken, it...
article 2016
Calvert, S.C. (author), Snelder, M. (author), Taale, H. (author), van Wageningen-Kessels, F.L.M. (author), Hoogendoorn, S.P. (author)
In this contribution a model-based analysis of the application of bounded acceleration in traffic flow is considered as a cause for the capacity drop. This is performed in a Lagrangian formulation of the kinematic wave model with general vehicle specific characteristics. Unconstrained overtaking is presumed, which allows a demonstration to be...
conference paper 2015
Calvert, S.C. (author), Snelder, M. (author), Bakri, T. (author), Heijligers, B. (author), Knoop, V.L. (author)
Heavily used urban networks remain a challenge for travel time prediction because traffic flow is rarely homogeneous and is also subject to a wide variety of disturbances. Various models, some of which use traffic flow theory and some of which are data driven, have been developed to predict traffic flow and travel times. Many of these perform...
article 2015