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Calvert, S.C. (author), Snelder, M. (author), Taale, H. (author), van Wageningen-Kessels, F.L.M. (author), Hoogendoorn, S.P. (author)
In this contribution a model-based analysis of the application of bounded acceleration in traffic flow is considered as a cause for the capacity drop. This is performed in a Lagrangian formulation of the kinematic wave model with general vehicle specific characteristics. Unconstrained overtaking is presumed, which allows a demonstration to be...
conference paper 2015
Hoogendoorn, S. (author), Immers, B. (author), van Katwijk, R.T. (author), Knoop, V.L. (author), Schuurman, H. (author), Taale, H. (author), Wilmink, I.R. (author)
De taak die we onszelf als TrafficQuest hebben gesteld, laat zich
report 2015
Immers, B. (author), Taale, H. (author), Hoogendoorn, S. (author), van Katwijk, R.T. (author), Knoop, V. (author), Schuurman, H. (author), Wilmink, I.R. (author)
De stad staat weer volop in de belangstelling. In de jaren ’60, ’70 en ’80 van de vorige eeuw leek
report 2014