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den Boer, E. (author), Kok, R. (author), Ploos van Amstel, W. (author), Quak, H.J. (author), Wagter, H. (author)
When it comes to City Logistics, the need to innovate comes from multiple directions. Greenhouse gas emissions must be drastically reduced while at the same time maintaining a vibrant and healthy economy, demanding robust action from each and every sector, including transport. At the same time, competition for scarce and precious common...
report 2017
Kok, R. (author), Quak, H.J. (author), Smokers, R.T.M. (author), van Zyl, P.S. (author), Spreen, J.S. (author)
Managing urban areas has become one of the most important development challenges of the 21st century. Urban populations continue to grow and sustainable urbanization is key to successful development. Growing cities facilitate more attractive opportunities for employment, education, and cultural, shopping, social and sport activities. Many cities...
other 2017