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Fountoukis, C. (author), Megaritis, A.G. (author), Skyllakou, K. (author), Charalampidis, P.E. (author), Denier van der Gon, H.A.C. (author), Crippa, M. (author), Prevot, A.S.H. (author), Fachinger, F. (author), Wiedensohler, A. (author), Pilinis, C. (author), Pandis, S.N. (author)
We use a three-dimensional regional chemical transport model (PMCAMx) with high grid resolution and high-resolution emissions (4 x 4 km2) over the Paris greater area to simulate the formation of carbonaceous aerosol dur-ing a summer (July 2009) and a winter (January/February 2010) period as part of the MEGAPOLI (megacities: emis-sions, urban,...
article 2016
Beekmann, M. (author), Prévôt, A.S.H. (author), Drewnick, F. (author), Sciare, J. (author), Pandis, S.N. (author), Denier van der Gon, H.A.C. (author), Crippa, M. (author), Freutel, F. (author), Poulain, L. (author), Ghersi, V. (author), Rodriguez, E. (author), Beirle, S. (author), Zotter, P. (author), von der Weiden-Reinmüller, S.L. (author), Bressi, M. (author), Fountoukis, C. (author), Petetin, H. (author), Szidat, S. (author), Schneider, J. (author), Rosso, A. (author), El Haddad, I. (author), Megaritis, A. (author), Zhang, Q.J. (author), Michoud, V. (author), Slowik, J.G. (author), Moukhtar, S. (author), Kolmonen, P. (author), Stohl, A. (author), Eckhardt, S. (author), Borbon, A. (author), Gros, V. (author), Marchand, N. (author), Jaffrezo, J.L. (author), Schwarzenboeck, A. (author), Colomb, A. (author), Wiedensohler, A. (author), Borrmann, S. (author), Lawrence, M. (author), Baklanov, A. (author), Baltensperger, U. (author)
A detailed characterization of air quality in the megacity of Paris (France) during two 1-month intensive campaigns and from additional 1-year observations revealed that about 70 % of the urban background fine particulate matter (PM) is transported on average into the megacity from upwind regions. This dominant influence of regional sources was...
article 2015