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Langewouters, G.J. (author), Settels, J.J. (author), Roelandt, R. (author), Wesseling, K.H. (author), Technisch Physische Dienst TNO - TH (author)
In the clinic, blood pressure is measured almost exclusively using non- invasive intermittent techniques, of which the auscultatory (Riva- Rocci/Korotkoff, RRK) and the computerized oscillometric method are most often used. However, both methods only provide a momentary value. In addition, the accuracy is hampered by phenomena such as cuff...
article 1998
Guelen, I. (author), Westerhof, B.E. (author), van der Sar, G.L. (author), van Montfrans, G.A. (author), Kiemeneij, F. (author), Wesseling, K.H. (author), Bos, W.J.W. (author), Gaubius Instituut TNO (author)
Objective: To evaluate three methods aimed at the reconstruction of brachial pressure from non-invasive finger arterial pressure measurements as implemented in the Finometer™, (FMS, Finapres Measurement Systems, Arnhem, Netherlands), the successor to the Finapres™ (TNO Siomedical Instrumentation, Amsterdam, Netherlands). Methods: Finger arterial...
article 2003
Jellema, W.T. (author), Imholz, B.P.M. (author), van Goudoever, J. (author), Wesseling, K.H. (author), van Lieshout, J.J. (author), Technisch Physische Dienst TNO - TH (author)
1. The aims of this study were to determine the clinical feasibility of continuous, non-invasive Finapres recordings as a replacement for intrabrachial pressure during a 30 min head-up tilt, and the reliability of continuous cardiac output computation by pulse contour analysis from the finger arterial versus the brachial waveform. 2. In eight...
article 1996