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Abels van Overveld, M. (author), Blomjous, D. (author), Boot, P. (author), van den Born, G.J. (author), Brink, C. (author), Brouwer, E.J. (author), Daniels, B. (author), Drissen, E. (author), Elzenga, H. (author), Geilenkirchen, G. (author), Hammingh, P. (author), Hekkenberg, M. (author), 't Hoen, M. (author), van Hout, M. (author), Ivanova, O. (author), Keys, A. (author), Koelemeijer, R. (author), Koutstaal, P. (author), Lensink, S. (author), van Meerkerk, J. (author), van Minnen, J. (author), Nauta, M. (author), Nijdam, D. (author), Notenboom, J. (author), Ozdemir, O. (author), Peters, J. (author), van Polen, S. (author), van Schijndel, M. (author), Schouten, M. (author), Schure, K. (author), Smeets, W. (author), Stutvoet-Mulder, K. (author), Traa, M. (author), Uitbeijerse, G. (author), Vethman, P. (author), Visser, H. (author), Volkerss, C. (author), Vries, A. (author), Wilting, H. (author), van der Zanden, E. (author), Segers, R. (author), Brummelkamp, S. (author), Denneman, A. (author), Kremer, A. (author), Schenau, S. (author), Schoenaker, N. (author), Hage, J. (author), Vrenken, R. (author), van Wezel, B. (author), van den Oever, R. (author), Wooltuis, R. (author), Menkveld, M. (author), Gerdes, J. (author), Kooger, R. (author), Plomp, A.J. (author), Smekens, K.E.L. (author), van Stralen, J. (author), Tigchelaar, C. (author), Usmani, O. (author), Wetzels, W. (author), van Zanten, M. (author), Honig, E. (author)
report 2020
Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (author), Bruggink, J.J.C. (author), Boonekamp, P.G.M. (author), Kroon, P. (author), Volkers, C.H. (author), van Dril, A.W.N. (author), Menkveld, M. (author), Uyterlinde, M.A. (author), Beurskens, L.W.M. (author), Lensink, S.M. (author), Tigchelaar, C. (author), Gerdes, J. (author), van Deurzen, J. (author), Vethman, P. (author), Roeterdink, W.G. (author), Peek, K. (author), Hanschke, C.B. (author), Wetzels, W. (author), Both, D. (author), Fiechter, W. (author), Koch, J. (author), de Ligt, T. (author), Moerkerken, (author), A., (author), Monné, (author), T., (author), Munnix, (author), S., (author), Plomp, A.J. (author)
This is the second report of the annual Monitor of the Dutch Clean and Efficient programme. The monitoring focuses on the development of target variables, effects, results and progress of the process. Most of the data regarding the results and effects concern the period until the end of 2009. Some data are not yet available for 2009 and can...
report 2010