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Limberger, J. (author), Bonte, D. (author), de Vicente, G. (author), Beekman, F. (author), Cloetingh, S. (author), van Wees, J.D. (author)
Brittle basement and sedimentary rocks, in particular if these are underlain by radiogenic crust, are considered a prime target for enhanced geothermal systems (EGS). They are marked by high geothermal gradients, caused by radiogenic heat production, and are well suited to be used for geothermal doublets after hydraulic stimulation. Critical...
article 2017
Bekesi, E. (author), Struijk, M. (author), Bonte, D. (author), Veldkamp, J.G. (author), Limburger, J. (author), Fokker, P.A. (author), Vrijlandt, M.A.W. (author), van Wees, J.D. (author)
The subsurface temperature is one of the most crucial parameters for the development of geothermal energy. Physics-based temperature models calibrated with temperature data are especially relevant for deep geothermal exploration. We present an updated high-resolution 3D thermal model of the onshore Netherlands. We constructed the model in 7...
article 2020
Bekesi, E. (author), Esteves Martins, J.C. (author), Fokker, P.A. (author), Bonte, D. (author), Limberger, J. (author), Wees, J.D.A.M. (author)
article 2018